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  • POC: Hey you know that racial slur that your people made up to dehumanize mine?
  • White person: I know of it
  • POC: Don't say it any more
  • White person: Well you are fucking racist for telling me I can't say a racial slur and you are oppressing me by denying my rights to speak freely
25. July 2014


play the cha cha slide around a bunch of white folks and wait until the part where the dude goes “cha cha now real smooth”

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A mini documentary on sex trafficking of Native women, with particular focus on Minnesota (Native women & girls are frequently sold on the shipping boats that travel around the Lakes, and have been for decades).

"People don’t see Native American women as humans. They see them as punching bags. Or something novel, like a new toy—it’s fun at first, but afterwards you throw it away." —Sarah El Fakahany, Sexual Assault Advocate at Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center

This is very sad, I didn’t know that the Native American women and girls were part of sex trade and prostitution.

it is a very big problem, much bigger than many people realize or want to admit, even among Native communities. if you go to a truck stop anywhere near tribal communities late at night, you will see young Native girls who have been trafficked. Minnesota, Arizona, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Oregon, & Washington are particularly bad. here’s some more resources on sex trafficking of Native women:

There’s also the fact that Robert Pickton was able to murder poor Aboriginal women for over a decade without people giving a fuck.

Let me repeat.

It’s not that they didn’t know. The police were aware of every missing woman, the families filed claims and the founder and foremost expert in geographic profiling, Kim Rossmo, told the Vancouver PD point blank that they had a serial killer hunting the women of the Downtown East Side.

They fired Rossmo, appointed a handful of part-time underpaid staff who were expected to maintain their regular day jobs to “research” the issue, and claimed they had it under control.

Robert Pickton was arrested after he tried to murder a prostitute named Stitch, and she stabbed him in the stomach. They both ended up in the same hospital. She was barely dressed, badly wounded, with a handcuff on her wrist. He was injured and covered in her blood.

The key to the handcuff around her wrist was found in his pocket.

The prosecution dropped the case because the word of a drug-addicted prostitute wasn’t going to hold up against a white millionaire’s.

Years later, when Pickton was arrested a second time for the murder of 26 Vancouver sex workers, the mud from the boots confiscated the night of his attack on Stitch was analyzed.

It carried the DNA of SIX of the missing women.

The boots had been kept in the evidence locker of the Vancouver Police Department.

So yeah. It’s easy to buy, sell, rape and murder First Nations women. It always has been.

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what happened to old zealand

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Just put on dark lipstick and act like nothing happened

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